2019 Performance Management Survey

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The 2019 Zippyleap Organization Performance Management survey was designed to understand the current trends in performance management used across different companies. We asked the survey respondents various questions that touch Performance Goal Setting, Performance Check-Ins / Goal Changing, Performance Evaluation at the Individual Level, Performance Grouping at Team / Group and Company Level, Promotions, Bonuses and Responsibility Changes and Skill and Competency Development. We also asked the respondents what type of performance frameworks their organizations are using and what their satisfaction levels are.

From the ebook, you'll also learn how to:

  • Performance Frameworks
  • Performance Goal Settings
  • Performance Review Check-in and Goal Adjustment
  • Performance Evaluation Methodologies
  • Performance Grouping
  • Promotions, Bonuses and Responsibility Changes
  • Skill & Competency Development
  • Employee Satisfaction

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Full Chapter Overview



High per forming organizations tend to build long-term differentiation among their peer groups...


Goal Settings

Organizations typically begin performance management cycle with managers setting goals...


Review Check-In

Performance check-ins are a must-have for organisations to meet the desired outcomes and set goals...


Evaluation Methodology

Organizations have different ways to evaluate their employee's performance...



Assessing an individual’s performance is just one par t of organization performance...


Bonus and Responsibility

It’s a widely popular practice to use performance review results to do organizational...

Skill & Competency


After Performance Reviews are over and team, group or organization level rankings are...



We wanted to understand how satisfied our survey respondents are with their companies...

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