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Renown Analytics IT Solutions is keen into project development and implementations with expertise in Statistical Analysis, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Application Development, Application Maintenance Service, Web Development, Infrastructure, Engineering, Bio-Informatics, and Logistics & Health Care based applications and other IT enables services. Renown Analytics is pleased to propose a solution which is a Decentralized, Real Time Tracking & Monitoring System, a simple solution for biomedical department. It would help to manage important operations, like Asset Management (Indents, Adverse Incidents, contracts, condemnation), Call Management, Reports, Rounds, Trainings. The proposed solution connects all the stakeholders (Doctors/Nurses – End Users, BME department and support engineers) to work and deliver desired outcomes in a cooperative fashion. It enables business process re-engineering by eliminating the manual approach and making the process automated. The solutions help intended to update and access the information by eligible user’s on-the-go anytime anywhere hence, evidencing quick decision making. This results in decreased equipment downtime in turn saving on Effort, Time and Economy.



Admin can create escalation levels for all type of calls like emergency, scheduled, contracts etc.

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Scheduled Reporting

Create, schedule, run and share reports to fit your needs

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Call Management System

Call Management System is designed for businesses with complex contact-center operations and high

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free alerts for contracts renewals and contracts comparism between the vendors

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Easy way to transfer asset from one location to other location & status of that equipment

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Alerts For Schedule calls, Contract renewals, pending calls,Low stock.

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Data Import

Import your data quickly and easily from an Excel spreadsheet or text or CSV file

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Track quantity–based or more complex inventory such as batch-lot and serialized inventory

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Calculate asset Viability over its life, book value and expenses. Use all methods of computing depreciation.

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Vendor Rating

Vendor rating may take the form of a hierarchical ranking from poor to excellent and whatever

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Employee Rating

Employee appraisal systems help managers evaluate employee job performance and develop a fair

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Customized Reports

A Custom Report is a report that you create. You pick the dimensions (Asset, Vendor, Manufacturer,

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  • Anytime Anywhere Data access and update: On the go information access, view and update
  • Cross Platform: Web and mobile app operability - Simple User Interface
  • Savings: Saving on Effort, Time and Economy
  • Free from garbage and repeated Data: No redundancy of equipment of data
  • Custom Reports: Report generation is simple from the data of database. Reports like Call Management System, MPR, Quarterly, Annually, and Asset Summary List. can be created quickly
  • In built call management process: No need to inform any one for Pending Calls. Solution supports the Call Management Features like Calls, Rounds, and Training Events etc
  • Central Data Repository
  • In Built - Call management System
  • In Built - Resource/ Effort efficient monitoring and tracking system
  • Collaborative planning & action system
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards generating System
  • Security – Data cannot be downloaded on any device until allowed by the higher authority or management
  • Simultaneous Mobile and Desktop Operability
  • Interoperability: Platform API to integrate with other applications to allow hybrid functionality

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